Letter to the Editor | Israel has wall, why not the U.S?

Letter to the Editor | Israel has wall, why not the U.S?

Diane Ores' June 27 letter was chilling. She claims the United States is in the middle of a moral emergency. Holy cow. I didn't even notice; I was worried about the Russians.

Ores notes that she is Jewish. Good for her.

I wonder what she thinks about Israel's wall in Gaza? Look at that wall's effect on the Palestinians. Apartheid-practicing Israel shoots and kills women and children at the border. Seems that some people never learn from the past.

Operating under the banner of "the law" seems to bother her. That is too bad.

The rule of law is what holds this country together. Break the law, pay the price.

No matter how many tears are shed, illegal will always mean illegal.

If Israel and China can have walls, why can't the U.S? It should be impenetrable and electrified with armed guards in watch towers every 50 yards.

I never think about the Holocaust, and I don't dwell on Pearl Harbor. But I remember the Alamo.

Make America Great Again, bring back the Chief.