Letter to the Editor | Reject nominee from the 'King'

Letter to the Editor | Reject nominee from the 'King'

The July 4 festivities remind us of the U.S. Constitution which starts with "We the People ...(to) provide for the Common Defence, promote the general Welfare ...."

Yet, President Donald Trump interprets the "We" as only benefiting white supremacists, fellow predators of women, pedophiles and the superrich who contribute to his private wealth.

Trump believes he is above the law, has the right to pardon himself, can deny being interviewed by federal investigators and cannot be forced to appear before a grand jury.

So let's give him the appropriate title of "King," who now controls the Republican Party, House, Senate and Supreme Court.

U.S. history has had many dark moments — genocide of indigenous people, slavery, exclusion of women and African-Americans from public life, encampments for Japanese and involvement in foreign wars. The King has now criminalized Muslims, Latinos and asylum seekers and babies.

In spite of these setbacks, our history has tended to make improvements toward the development of a united and diverse village regardless of ethnicity, gender and age by improving educational and health services, and the general well-being, while attempting to reduce income inequality, domestic/sex violence, addictions, homelessness and more.

The King is clearly dangerous. "We the people" and our representatives must take bold and creative action to prevent the Senate from considering any Supreme Court nominee until the conclusion of the criminal investigation against the King.

Remember to register and vote on Nov. 6.