Letter to the Editor | Socialism here is a nonstarter

Letter to the Editor | Socialism here is a nonstarter

We live in a time of great turmoil.

On both sides, politics, discourse and social interaction are locked in a race to the bottom to see which side can be the most vicious and insulting.

Our disagreements are many, our agreements few. Perhaps that is how things should be in a free society.

To expect less from a free people, governed under democracy and a binding constitution, is to expect the impossible. President Donald Trump and his actions are controversial. Many see him as correcting terrible errors made by President Barack Obama; others believe he is taking the country where they do not wish it to go.

But some things are hard to understand. In our last presidential election, we had a candidate in Bernie Sanders who trumpeted socialism.

While Americans can disagree vehemently about the nuances of capitalism, freedom and equality, it is hard to imagine how someone who has grown up and been nurtured in those principles could possibly embrace socialism.

Socialism has a 100 percent perfect track record of failure — Russia, the Eastern European satellites, Venezuela today, all countries where walls, laws, dictators and guns prevent citizens from seeking a better life.

Who could believe that socialism can work here? In a country where individualism is valued and freedom is a tradition, who could embrace a guaranteed government income for every person, universal government health care and the rest of the depressing, failed socialist/liberal platform?

Democrats and Republicans can disagree and will. But socialism? Should Sanders' ideas ever take root, the grand experiment of freedom birthed by our forefathers is doomed to the dustbin of history.