Letter to the Editor | High court must retain its integrity

Letter to the Editor | High court must retain its integrity

My experience of American politics began with the crushing 1972 electoral defeat of the liberal McGovern, whom I had campaigned for.

I soon learned that the checks and balances within our system meant that even the president wasn't above the law. I watched transfixed as Congress investigated Nixon over crimes committed during that election, and a bipartisan majority acted to maintain the basic fairness of our political system.

Today, we have a president who corrodes trust in government far more than Nixon ever did. Trump dissembles every day, creating a paranoid miasma aimed at obstructing counterintelligence and criminal investigations by the FBI.

He appears in every way as one conscious of his own guilt. There is so much suspicious evidence that a former CIA director will say publicly that Trump behaves like a KGB asset.

Far from seeking to restore confidence in our government, more Congressional Republicans impede than assist investigations into Trump's ties to Russia.

They overlook his foreign emoluments expressly prohibited by the Constitution. GOP lions like Sen. Hatch hide their complicity behind hypocritical calls for a new Supreme Court Justice whose "foremost allegiance is to the American people and to the Constitution."

Our highest court almost certainly will be making decisions related to Russiagate that will profoundly shape the future of the nation. It must retain its independence and integrity. The court already has one Trump-appointed justice. All Americans should demand that Congress refuse to taint the court with another justice appointed by the one being judged.