Letter to the Editor | Sullivan a solid choice for judge

Letter to the Editor | Sullivan a solid choice for judge

Electing Ramona Sullivan to the 6th Circuit Court will bring much-needed representation of women, working mothers and families of color to the bench. Ramona is a UI College of Law graduate with more than 20 years of experience. She has represented thousands of clients in both criminal and civil cases in and out of the courtroom. She spent nearly 14 years at Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance, a local organization that provides free legal services, and has since served our community as a public defender. She is qualified to serve on the 6th Circuit.

Unfortunately, she and other candidates like her are sidelined by the system for appointing judges. Of the 14 current circuit court judges, all were appointed by sitting judges, 13 of the 14 are men, and none of the 14 identifies as a Democrat. It's time to give democracy its day in court and to elect judges who represent our entire community. It's time for the people to exercise their right to vote and elect Sullivan for this vital role in our community.