Letter to the Editor | 2 important efforts go hand in hand

Letter to the Editor | 2 important efforts go hand in hand

Anti-war and anti-abortion efforts belong together. The contemporary anti-war movement grows out of the appalling fact that the U.S. government has killed more than 20 million people in almost 40 nations since World War II — and has done so to maintain the economic control of the world that the U.S. inherited as the only largely undamaged major country after that war.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in the U.S. today. An abortion obviously ends a human life; it ought to be opposed by all of us who say that our political views are that we're "against anything that kills people or destroys the planet we live on."

But most of my friends who've had an abortion or seriously considered it have done so for economic reasons. Most of them privileged people, they have been unable to countenance the burdens, financial and personal, that would come with another child. That's clearly even more the case for those who lack their privileges.

Those of us opposed to the destruction of human life — at home or abroad, before or after birth — must also be opposed to the circumstances that lead people to end unborn human lives.

Medicare for all, child supports, free education and a universal basic income must be insisted upon by those of us who are opposed to abortion and war.