Letter to the Editor | Davis' ALS ads short on details

Letter to the Editor | Davis' ALS ads short on details

The day after a high-ranking member of U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis' staff was arrested for aggravated assault at a Democratic campaign event, I started seeing ads on local TV touting Davis' support for ALS research. I'm sure the timing is purely coincidental.

The ad proclaims Davis as "the real deal" who saw the need to increase funding, "followed through" and "made it happen." Purported corroboration from the State Journal-Register (Rodney Davis: Fund Research to Eradicate ALS, 7/28/2017) appears on screen.

Intrigued, I searched the Journal-Register but found nothing to suggest Davis did more than eulogize a friend on the House floor. Scrutiny of the ad reveals the on-screen text is the same few lines cut and pasted repeatedly.

Fake news?

Next, I called the congressman's office to ask how Davis has "followed through" and "made it happen." Davis' staffer assured me he's done "several things" to increase ALS research funding but could specify nothing.

On to Congress.gov, where I learned that in health matters, Davis sponsored two bills this session (stuck in committee) and co-sponsored 56 others, none of them connected to funding ALS research.

He did join the bandwagon for a big spending package that includes the National Institutes of Health. Too bad he continues to undermine access to affordable health care.

"Making it happen" obviously means something very different in Rodney's world. Let's "follow through" this November and dump Davis for good.