Letter to the Editor | Rep. Davis doesn't walk the walk

Letter to the Editor | Rep. Davis doesn't walk the walk

I agree with The News-Gazette's editorial regarding the arrest of Levi Lovell, Congressman Rodney Davis' former field director, for aggravated battery. I second the call for Davis to "personally address the situation and explain whether he knew of Lovell's "similar" incident and, if so, why he continued to work for him.

This episode of physical violence by Lovell is a disgrace, but I am also disappointed in Davis' choice of another field director, Andrew Minik.

Minik is former campus president of Turning Point USA, an extremist group that has repeatedly been included in The Southern Poverty Law Center's Hatewatch feature. Furthermore, his unsavory association with TPUSA is not the only baggage Minik carries. Earlier this year, the Illinois Student Government voted to impeach Minik for misconduct while serving as chair of diversity and inclusion.

Davis' constant calls for civility and his citation of "vitriolic rhetoric" as an excuse for everything from avoiding town halls to prohibiting comments on his official Facebook page are in stark contrast to his decidedly uncivil employment decisions.

In fact, they are the height of hypocrisy, although they are entirely consistent with Davis' refusal to call out President Donald Trump for the flood of lies and venom spewing from the Oval Office.

In other words, Davis talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk.