Letter to the Editor | Davis can learn from my Nana

Letter to the Editor | Davis can learn from my Nana

If you are lucky, your childhood included a doting grandmother who spoiled you rotten. My Nana did spoil me, but not with cookies or gifts. She spoiled me by setting a high bar for how public servants should act.

After raising five children, Ann Galante became mayor of Mineola, N.Y. While mayor, she knocked on doors every weekend and hosted constant public events.

Fundamentally, her role was to advocate for her constituents, and this required she interact with as many of them as possible. She deeply understood this aspect of her job, and she performed it diligently. In this regard, Rep. Rodney Davis is the polar opposite of my Nana.

Congressional town halls are a mainstay of our American life, and yet, Davis hasn't held a single town hall since January of 2017.

Davis explains that he shirks his duty because he doesn't want to hear "hateful, political rhetoric." That's nonsense!

My Nana — at nearly twice Davis' age — knew that her job required her to deal with abrasive Long Islanders who expected her to address their concerns. I'm mystified as to why Davis doesn't have a similar understanding of his primary professional responsibility.

The one group of people Davis is willing to meet with are those who have given him money. Even if you are a Republican, be wise as a serpent. If your check register doesn't show a contribution to him, you don't matter to him.