Letter to the Editor | Davis gets bad score from ACLU

Letter to the Editor | Davis gets bad score from ACLU

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis could have taken a strong stand for his constituents in May 2017 when the House voted by a narrow four-vote margin to gut the Affordable Care Act.

The 13th District Republican could have joined the 20 Republicans who risked Donald Trump's anger and voted no.

Instead, he voted to repeal key provisions, despite the fact that the act opened access to health insurance for tens of millions of Americans, including tens of thousands in his own district.

Fortunately, two months later, Republican Sen. John McCain cast the dramatic thumbs-down vote that kept Obamacare alive.

Davis' vote against the Affordable Care Act is one of 28 House votes included in a civil-liberties "scorecard" published recently by the non-partisan American Civil Liberties Union.

Overall, Davis had only a 7 percent positive score on votes that involved such issues.

On 25 of the 28 votes, Davis voted against citizens' rights on issues like immigration, sanctuary cities, reproductive health care, the death penalty, internet privacy, people with disabilities, marginalized students, religious discrimination, fair pay and workplace safety.

In sum, in the current congressional session, Davis has shown himself to be not a good friend of constitutional and legal rights of citizens.

Civil liberties issues permeate the political landscape. The ACLU scorecard, which covers every member of the House and Senate, is a useful tool for voters who care about those issues.

Read the full analysis at aclu.org/other/legislative-scorecard-2018.