Letter to the Editor | Trump can learn from McCain

Letter to the Editor | Trump can learn from McCain

Hats off to Scott Harden for his letter to the editor on Aug. 31. I urge anyone who has not read it to find a back copy of The News-Gazette and read the letter.

It is right on target and very succinct. I urge everyone to think about what he says, especially those of you who still insist on supporting Donald Trump, although it is difficult to believe Trump could still have supporters.

He has continually lied, demonstrated abject racism, separated immigrant children from parents and is linked to criminal activity. The list could go on.

He is amoral and unethical in everything. He has kept the country and the world in upheaval for almost two long years, and I do not doubt there is more to come. It is unbelievable that his behavior has been tolerated for so long.

As I watched the tributes for John McCain given by Republicans and Democrats, I was encouraged that most of us still put emphasis on basic values above bullying and threats.

McCain's legacy personifies total opposition to everything that is Trump. McCain wins hands down as the type of legacy we should all want for our children, grandchildren and future generations.