Letter to the Editor | An alternative to air conditioning

Letter to the Editor | An alternative to air conditioning

Schools and people without AC would benefit by an idea my grandfather used in July 1926 to save the lives of his wife and baby following childbirth complications.

He got a fresh ice block every day (used in "refrigerators" then), put it in a tub in the room and used a fan to circulate the cooled air.

Today, we can use "blue" ice blocks in coolers with fans to cool rooms.

Classrooms will probably need two to four coolers and fans each. Teachers could provide one, schools might be able to provide another and parents or students who drive to the schools could provide the rest.

Coolers can remain at the school during the hot season, and just the blue ice blocks need to be transported between home and school and frozen overnight.

Grocery store insulated shopping bags would be lightweight for transporting the blocks on a daily basis.

Cool rooms with open windows and fans in the early morning hours. As temps rise, close classroom doors, open the coolers and circulate the cooled air with fans.

With some community spirit and coordination, we can have our schools cooled affordably tomorrow. This will improve health, absenteeism, mood and learning for students and teachers.

Of course, this also works for anyone without AC in their home, as long as you have a freezer and a fan.

Anyone 60 and older with need can get a free fan from Family Service. Call 217-352-5100.