Letter to the Editor | Closer look at Marron support

Letter to the Editor | Closer look at Marron support

This letter is in response to Marci Adelston-Schafer's letter. She wrote that the many endorsements of Mike Marron, who is running for state representative in the 104th, were all Republicans because "he is the Republican nominee. Of course the party is backing him."

I guess you didn't read Marron's website closely enough to see that he is also strongly endorsed by mayors throughout the 104th District, including Democrats, most of whom have never actually met your friend in person.

You'd think that would be one of the first things a candidate for state representative would want to do, establish a relationship with those they will be hearing from on a daily basis in their elected duties.

They have endorsed Mike Marron because of what he has done and accomplished as Vermilion County Board chairman and the fight he will bring to Springfield on behalf of their towns. He has already been shaking their hands and hearing their ideas for years. It's why they backed him.

Also, one more person you missed on Marron's list of endorsements is the Rev. Frank McCullough Jr. He was a Democratic candidate for state representative this past primary against your friend.

He took the duty seriously by campaigning hard and attending events throughout the district. He wanted to get to know the people he would be serving too.

In fact, he and Mike struck up a friendship because they learned about each other while attending those same events together.

Bipartisanship happens when you're present.