Letter to the Editor | Questionable pick for field director

Letter to the Editor | Questionable pick for field director

Champaign County Republicans recently announced the appointment of Andrew Minik as RNC field director to help Rodney Davis in his increasingly unlikely bid for re-election to Congress.

Minik is former president of the campus chapter of Turning Point USA, a group notorious for its connections to hate groups and promotion of white nationalist themes and for its targeting professors nationwide for harassment and threats of violence. More on Turning Point USA can be found at the Southern Poverty Law Center website.

Here in our town, the efforts of Minik's group led to fliers calling for death squads against residents. In Colorado, the group's activity resulted in a march by literal Nazis. This is who Rodney Davis, that champion of civility, has as his new field director in the 13th District.

Davis constantly demands civility from constituents, like those who cite expert opinion on the dire consequences of his efforts to take away our health care. Meanwhile, he ignores the venom spewed by his buddies like Trump and Minik. When Davis says he wants civility, what he actually wants is for Democrats and decent Republicans repulsed by their party's abandonment of its principles to shut up about the party's scapegoating of minorities and its stoking of hatred and division here and across the country.