Letter to the Editor | Cartoons put Trump in bad light

Letter to the Editor | Cartoons put Trump in bad light

Your political cartoons appear to be entirely leftist. They show our president in the worst light possible, the two most recent with his security detail all looking suspiciously at the president instead of outward for his protection and another with a tiny Donald Trump in the palm of a huge, menacing Robert Mueller.

Thanks to the "racist" Trump, black unemployment is lower than it has ever been. Our economy is stronger than it has been for years, and many employers feel confident enough in our future that they are giving out bonuses.

He may be thin-skinned and have an unfortunate tendency to hit back when criticized, but his decisions are pretty darn good, like his nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court, which even some Democrats applauded.

I feel that your habitually portraying him in the worst possible light is beneath the standards for any fair minded medium. Your political cartoons are neither well drawn nor are they funny.