Letter to the Editor | Davis mailing was misleading

Letter to the Editor | Davis mailing was misleading

I recently received a districtwide email from Congressman Rodney Davis, entitled "Accessible to Constituents No Matter What."

In it, he touts having met "hundreds of people" at his 31 one- to two-hour office hours throughout the district. What lovely photos grace this email to show how accessible he is.

Until you realize that the photo concerning his event in Tolono actually shows him talking with some of the dozen protesters who were protesting his refusal to hold live, in-person town halls during hours when people aren't at work. (His mini-office hours are always early afternoon events.) If you look closely, you'll even see our protest signs.

I wouldn't complain about the use of this photo if the text said something about his willingness to meet with protesters, but it doesn't. It also doesn't mention that the reason he took the time to speak with us was because, for at least the first 45 minutes of his two-hour stint, no one had shown up for his office hours.

Instead, the email makes it sound like the folks in that photo are there just to chat. They weren't, and he knows it.

What does it say about a person to knowingly misrepresent what is going on in a photo? What else is Davis being dishonest about? Once a person's been caught being dishonest, how can you ever trust them again?

And in case you're wondering, if you can trust what I have written, I was one of the 12 protesters in Tolono.