Letter to the Editor | Durbin's actions inappropriate

Letter to the Editor | Durbin's actions inappropriate

In response to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's children having to be removed from a Senate hearing for safety, because of threatening Democrat demonstrators, Sen. Richard Durbin offered the excuse, "This is the noise of democracy."

Kavanaugh understandably brought his children to be part of a proud moment in his admirable career. How could he know that Durbin conspired ahead of time to orchestrate an angry mob protest that would put his children at risk?

Durbin has engaged in demagoguery as a career skill, but this time, he is guilty of inciting a riot, albeit a minor one. Do not mistake the outcome of 22 arrests and no injuries as something you can safely overlook. Public vandalism, personal assault upon innocent people for no more than wearing a red MAGA hat, mobs descending on public right of ways to shut down commerce and traffic are all habits of Democrat party sympathizers expressing their anger when they don't get their way.

Now, we have Durbin on record excusing their juvenile delinquent behavior. How can such mob mentality not become worse after Durbin's encouraging suggestion that public indecency is a valid expression of democracy?

Put another way, what are we to expect when a prominent U.S. senator rewards people already predisposed to violence with praise for uncivil public disruption?

Angry feelings arise on both sides. Thankfully, Republicans reject the now too familiar Democrat-sponsored public disorder that Durbin wears like a merit badge.