Letter to the Editor | Liberal bias found in AP articles

Letter to the Editor | Liberal bias found in AP articles

On Sept. 3, The News-Gazette carried an AP item on page A-5 that shouldn't have passed the snicker test in your office.

It says the Boston Globe reported that Harvard Law School and others did not take into account any assertion that Elizabeth Warren, now a U.S. senator from Massachusetts, was a Native American in their decisions to hire her as a professor.

First, the article nowhere claims that Warren did not assert that she was a Native American in her application to attend law school at Rutgers, or her applications for jobs at the universities of Houston, Texas, Pennsylvania and Harvard. It only says any such assertion was not considered. (East Coast news media probably figured most of us would not notice. Huh!)

Secondly, the liberal bias of the Associated Press is apparent in most of its "news" articles in your newspaper. This one is so blatant it is laughable.

It is an obvious attempt to sanitize Warren, probably brought on by her run for re-election this fall and her presidential aspirations, and the inconvenient reminders of her past lies about her ethnicity by President Donald Trump in referring to her as "Pocahontas."

Thirdly, it is disappointing that The News-Gazette would grant wider circulation to this ridiculous effort. Trump's comments about "fake news" have resonated with people because of articles like this one.