Letter to the Editor | Parents taught me valuable lessons

Letter to the Editor | Parents taught me valuable lessons

My dad passed away 14 years ago. His birthday would be today. He was born in 1932, so he would have been 86.

He was a very Christian man, and he loved his family first. The love that he and my mom shared was an amazing thing to witness and be a part of.

Dad spent 35-plus years owning and managing Urbana Office Machine with my mom at his side as his greatest supporter and co-owner of the company.

Together, they started the business in the utility room of our home, and as the business grew, they moved to different locations in downtown Urbana, and everywhere they moved the business, they completely restored the buildings they had the business in, including 116 S. Race, 400 N. Broadway, 113 and 115 N. Broadway, and their final store was at Southgate Mall on Philo Road.

I am writing this letter in to the editor today to express my gratitude to my parents for raising me to be a person who puts others first, believes in God and who loves America. And for teaching me to take care of the town you live in and leave things better than you find them.

And that also includes the people that you cross paths with.

Happy birthday Daddy! I will never forget you, and I will always love you. Always.