Letter to the Editor | Our environment is under assault

Letter to the Editor | Our environment is under assault

Thank you, News-Gazette editorial board, for your thoughtful Aug. 23 defense of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan and the rejection of this administration's assault on our environment.

You wrote, "the Trump administration wants to turn back the clock and allow states to set their own air pollution regulations."

In the last few years, Illinois has become a leader in our move away from coal and toward a just transition to renewable energies.

Since the Future Energy Job Act (FEJA), Illinois' bipartisan clean energy and job-building piece of legislation passed in 2016, Illinois' reliance on coal has diminished.

FEJA creates programs and incentives that put Illinois on a path toward further reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.

By 2030, the state is expected to produce approximately 8,300MW of energy from wind and solar, a 100 percent increase and more energy than Dynegy/Vistra's Illinois coal-fired power plants produce.

The economic, health and benefits to wildlife of a cleaner environment cannot be understated.

The Trump Administration's Affordable Clean Energy Plan doesn't meet the same emissions targets as the now-scrapped Clean Power Plan, which had been a big portion of the U.S.'s commitment to keeping temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius.

Thank you for defending our rights to clean air and water and a livable planet.


executive director

Prairie Rivers Network

rural Mahomet