Letter to the Editor | Cartoon was not a laughing matter

Letter to the Editor | Cartoon was not a laughing matter

The Sept. 26 cartoon on the opinions page missed a great opportunity to educate, while it suggested that women eagerly anticipate physical advances as proof of attractiveness and likability.

While it can be funny speculating what someone else may be thinking, the cartoon missed that opportunity as well. It wasn't funny. The education part is that the teens could have solved any awkwardness by verbally communicating with one another.

Asking is always a good idea. If what you had in mind cannot be put into words, than it is probably time to go home. The issue, as I see it, is possibly unwanted advances as well as wanted advances that may go too far.

The young woman could just as easily be thinking, "I would like a kiss, but if I look interested, will he take that as a yes to everything?"

I recently heard a researcher who studied college dating say that young couples report having difficulty talking with one another. One young man said that it was easier to go to bed with someone than to date them. He was afraid to be turned down if he asked a woman on a date. There was sex, but no real intimacy.

It seems to me that men and women need to decide what they want and then put it into words that they actually say to one another.

The romantic idea that you should know what I want is generally a path to disappointment or worse. Oh, and please, editor, cartoons that make me chuckle not groan.