Letter to the Editor | Here's the full story on think tank

Letter to the Editor | Here's the full story on think tank

The Sept. 21 editorial was based almost entirely on a recently released study by the Illinois Policy Institute concerning housing ownership in Illinois.

About halfway through the editorial, the author refers to the IPI as a free-market think tank.

Some more background information about the IPI is provided by the Center for Media and Democracy. The center reports the IPI has received over half a million dollars in donations from Bruce Rauner.

When Rauner fired his chief of staff in 2017, he replaced him with the IPI President and COO Kristina Rasmussen. The center also reports IPI has ties to the right wing Koch Brothers and also to the conservative Bradley Foundation.

So the question is how much of the housing report discussed by The News-Gazette can readers accept as fact and unbiased information?

On the same page of The News-Gazette is an article by Marc Thiessen supporting President Trump's foreign policy.

Again, what is not said by The News-Gazette is that Thiessen is a Republican author, columnist and political commentator. He served as a speechwriter for President George W. Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

Perhaps since The News-Gazette asks for, advocates and supports transparency in federal, state and local government, it should hold itself to the same standards.