Letter to the Editor | Smear campaign was a disgrace

Letter to the Editor | Smear campaign was a disgrace

The front page of The News-Gazette on Friday said "Law professors: Don't confirm him."

Of course professors would say that about Brett Kavanaugh as the majority of them are Democrats with an agenda because of their belief in the ancient story of evolution, which claims that there is no God who created us.

Their beliefs are not good for our country as they include pro-abortion, socialism, globalism, atheism, Marxism and evolutionism.

It is a disgrace that the Democrats ignored the vital issues and used only a dirty smear campaign. They will use anything to destroy the reputation of anybody who is against their wicked agendas.

I am sure that the ones who used the dirty smear campaign could not survive such an attack against themselves.

Brett Kavanaugh will not try to change the constitution or abuse his power. This is the only reason for the smear campaign.