Letter to the Editor | Supreme Court has been tarnished

Letter to the Editor | Supreme Court has been tarnished

Congratulations to the GOP on accomplishing its goal. Let's review how they did it.

Senate confirmation of a Supreme Court justice once took 60 votes in the belief that requiring cooperation would thwart one-party rule. The GOP changed the number of votes needed to a simple majority.

When a Supreme Court vacancy occurred, the GOP again bumped into the Founding Fathers' concerted efforts to thwart one-party rule.

Cooperation between the president, who nominates Supreme Court justices, and the Senate, which approves them, would be required. The GOP simply ignored President Barack Obama's nomination of Merrick Garland.

And, finally, the confirmation hearing.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was there to share information she felt was important to the committee's consideration of Brett Kavanaugh's fitness to be a justice. Kavanaugh provided even more information about his fitness during his defense.

Kavanaugh revealed himself to be an angry partisan with tendencies toward Trumpian conspiracy theories about a "political hit" led by the Clintons, orchestrated by Democrats and funded by George Soros.

Ford's story and the opinions of retired Supreme Court justices and more than 2,400 law professors proved less persuasive than scoring a GOP "win" and so this angry right-wing warrior is now a Supreme Court justice.

We, the people, are left with scorched earth, a tarnished Supreme Court, clear revelation of the Republicans' intent to be the (only) ruling party and the end of impartiality, reason and respect for the law as requirements of a Supreme Court justice. Well done.