Letter to the Editor | Actions speak louder than words

Letter to the Editor | Actions speak louder than words

"Actions speak louder than words." This was part of the wisdom my grandmother passed on to me. In making a decision about who to vote for in elections, these are words that I always keep in mind.

J.B. Pritzker claimed to care deeply about education. But his removing toilets to have a mansion declared uninhabitable so he wouldn't have real estate taxes on its true value, an important source of revenue for local schools, makes it clear that his commitment to education is superficial, empty words.

He says he wants to pass a progressive income tax to deal with the state's liabilities so that he and other wealthy people like Gov. Bruce Rauner will pay more.

With his $3.4 billion, Pritzker is way out of Rauner's level of "wealthy." Pritzker has eight family members on the Forbes list of the 400 richest people in America. He is the 1 percent. He doesn't have income that is routinely reported to the IRS from earned income and domestic investments. He has offshore shell companies.

Check out the article online about it from the Chicago Tribune.

I don't believe the residents of the state of Illinois can expect any good things to come from electing J.B. Pritzker. If you're not sure, please spend some time online and find out more.

When you vote this fall, I hope you keep in mind that actions speak volumes more than what people, especially politicians, say.


rural Indianola