Letter to the Editor | Manager would benefit Danville

Letter to the Editor | Manager would benefit Danville

I am concerned about Danville and the situation we find ourselves in. I am certain that there are community members who are uncertain as to what to do and where we really are.

I ask those community members who are unsure about the proposed city manager to consider that with most large governmental units, a business manager is hired to manage the finances.

As a former administrator in Danville District 118, I can tell you this position is required.

Our city is deeply in debt, over $100 million, with a budget around $45 million.

It makes sense to have a city manager who is educated in finance to guide us out of this debt.

A city manager's time would be spent solely on management.

His job would be to advise the 14-member city council on their plans and propositions, as well as to develop policies to recommend to the council.

He or she would be hired and if need be fired by the city council. He would manage the public funds and hold personnel accountable.

Consider the city manager form of government.

Vote yes on Nov. 6 for a city manager.