Letter to the Editor | Ammons should be county clerk

Letter to the Editor | Ammons should be county clerk

In endorsing Matt Grandone for Champaign County clerk, The News-Gazette disrespected Aaron Ammons and reinforced why a change is needed.

First, The News-Gazette claimed that Grandone's a better choice because he currently works in the office. But that's exactly the problem. The county clerk's office has been in Republican hands for 80 years. The office should answer to the people, but it's being run like a club for insiders only.

Next, The News-Gazette implied the job is too complicated for Ammons. This is ludicrous. The AFSCME union — whose members work in the clerk's office — have endorsed Ammons. I think the folks working in that office know what it takes.

But this election is about more than just competency. We need a clerk who's committed to public service. And our clerk must know — and show — the importance of voting. Here is where you'll find a glaring contrast between the candidates. Grandone has never held elected office. Ammons has served our community as an Urbana alderman and as an elected trustee of the State University Retirement System.

Ammons has personally helped thousands of citizens register to vote. And Ammons has voted in each of the past 26 elections in our county; Grandone took part in only 10 of them.

Ammons will push hard to make voting more accessible to everyone in Champaign County. To learn more about his credentials and values, read the questionnaire published on Sept. 27 in The News-Gazette. It's clear that Ammons is up to the job.