Letter to the Editor | Elect Kloeppel for county executive

Letter to the Editor | Elect Kloeppel for county executive

As a longtime resident of Champaign County, I am well aware of the political divisions and poor decisions that have led to the financial and economic problems plaguing our county.

To address these problems, the county executive position was created by voters in the November 2016 referendum. The intention of the voters was to create a position that would help the county run more effectively and efficiently.

That is why I am enthusiastically supporting Darlene Kloeppel to be the first county executive. Darlene has the qualifications and hands-on experience to handle the duties of the new position and get the county into stable financial condition.

Darlene spent 15 years as the Regional Planning Commission's community services director and brought $120 million in state and federal grant funding into the county.

Darlene has a demonstrated track record of working with people, resolving differences and getting things done.

Darlene also cares about the people of this county and believes that government decisions should be made for the common good, not special interests.

Darlene has demonstrated her concern for people by canvassing and talking to residents in all parts of the county. She has knocked on doors in every town, city and village in the county and has also held town halls in numerous locations all over the county.

In short, by electing Darlene, we will have a county executive who is knowledgeable, accessible and effective. Please join me in voting for Darlene Kloeppel to be our county executive.