Letter to the Editor | Idea for student punishment stinks

Letter to the Editor | Idea for student punishment stinks

I would like to comment on Tom R. Campbell's letter that was published in the Nov. 3 edition.

Not knowing the cause of the fights at Urbana High School and Middle School, it is unwise to call the administrators "clueless and powerless."

I also don't like his use of the term "band of brawlers" to describe the children.

I agree that taking the students on a trip to either of the local sewage treatment plants would be a good field trip. However, if the intent is to expose them to "smells" and expect them to "close their eyes to the sight of untreated sewage," the writer would be disappointed.

He obviously has not visited the sewage treatment plants in Champaign County. The employees of the wastewater treatment plants take pride in operating their facilities with minimal odor and enjoy providing educational tours.

Field trips are supposed to enhance learning and should not be considered as punishment for misbehavior. Maybe some of the students will decide to become professional wastewater operators. It is a vital and honorable job.