Letter to the Editor | Trump wrong to condone attack

Letter to the Editor | Trump wrong to condone attack

Recently, the incident in 2017 of Congressman Greg Gianforte body-slamming a reporter for questioning the Republican health care plan has returned to the news headlines.

This is an issue that strikes home to me personally. My daughter is a reporter. I know and appreciate that she has her own viewpoints, sometimes differing from mine. But in reading her articles, I have always thought that they were fair and objective, and I have never been able to detect any of her personal biases in them.

I realize that this conflicts with President Donald Trump's opinion of reporters.

How should Trump have responded to the actions of Gianforte? Is his comment, "Anybody that can do a body-slam ... he's my guy" be appropriate for the situation?

I would not condone, much less glorify, these actions done to any individual. But I am especially appalled, picturing if it had been my daughter asking the question. And President Trump, how would you have reacted if your own daughter had been the reporter?

I am proud that my daughter has chosen journalism as a career, one which I consider essential to our freedom and way of life. Sometimes this involves going into harm's way.

But I would condemn Trump for advocating by his actions and speech that reporters must have additional fears for their safety and impartiality as they do their job of keeping the public fully informed of the issues affecting their life and livelihood.