Letter to the Editor | Make it easier to vote on campus

Letter to the Editor | Make it easier to vote on campus

Kudos to The News-Gazette and other local media for documenting the absurd, bungled early voting arrangement on the University of Illinois campus.

In a year when everyone knew there would be high interest in voting, the county clerk's office and the UI did nothing to anticipate the interest and very little to accommodate and encourage student participation.

Indeed, they did their level best to discourage students from exercising this civic responsibility by locating the singular early voting site on the fourth floor of the Union, accessible only by a winding staircase. Waiting times as long as an hour or more were common.

Kudos to the students who stayed with it. Your patience demonstrated how seriously you take citizenship and serves as an example to those who can't be bothered how important voting is.

As for the rest of us veteran voters, who would tolerate this situation?

The clerk's office and the university should begin scouting out and advertising adequate and sufficient locations and accommodations for the next presidential voting cycle.

I challenge them to engage the Student Senate and the League of Women Voters to ensure that all perspectives are considered and better decisions realized. Spaces with ground-level accessibility, general visibility and permanency should have a top priority and should be reserved for voting as soon as possible.