Letter to the Editor | We need inclusion, instead of exclusion

Letter to the Editor | We need inclusion, instead of exclusion

Recognizing demographic trends, a few years ago many Republicans seemed interested in reaching out to minority voters and tried to make them feel welcome in the Republican Party.

Those days seem to be long gone, and the new strategy adopted by the Republicans appears to be one of creating fear of those minority groups, vilifying them and doing everything possible to suppress their votes.

President Donald Trump's efforts to demonize a group of desperate people seeking asylum and calling them invaders is the most recent example, but you can go back to when he first announced his candidacy in 2015 if you need more evidence.

You can also look at concerted efforts to stop minority votes from counting in states like Kansas, North Dakota and Georgia for additional proof.

Recently, the president even sent out a tweet that seemed to have the intent of intimidating people so they would not vote, rather than encouraging them to vote.

This strategy of hatred, intimidation and suppression might pay dividends in the short run, but it is ultimately doomed to failure.

It might take a generation or two, but eventually the Republican strategy of being the party of exclusion rather than inclusion will come back to haunt them.

I just hope that one of the most divisive and hate-filled presidents in American history, and other Republican leaders such as Gingrich and McConnell, are around to see this failure.

Let's make America America again, as we seem to have lost it.