Letter to the Editor | We shouldn't play the role of God

Letter to the Editor | We shouldn't play the role of God

Remove all laws dealing with abortion from the books and replace them with no legal rights of the government. Why?

God gave everyone three things — a body, a soul in that body and a free will (no buts, ands or ifs) to do with as they will.

Our government thinks they have the right to play God and take away that God-given right from women. How wrong they are. Nobody can vote you that power, because you are against abortion.

Stop playing God. Abortion is God's problem, and only God can deal with that. I'm not promoting abortion (only people's rights); God will deal with abortion in God's own way.

If you are a person of faith as I try to be every day, then you should know all this, that you can't take away others' God-given rights.

To those who are so anti-abortionists they want to defund "family planning groups," don't you understand their bottom line is to prevent conceiving of unwanted babies, because they can't support them or don't want them. And isn't the fist step in abortion the conceiving of an unwanted child? Unfunding will lead to more abortions and more unsanitary abortions.

I got sick of what I thought was my friends insinuating, if I don't vote their way, I'm voting for abortions (which I am not) and I am a baby killer.

I think I'm on the same page as God and don't profess to know where they are.