Letter to the Editor | Citizens have lost touch with vets

Letter to the Editor | Citizens have lost touch with vets

Another Veterans Day is approaching. On that day, veterans will be lauded as heroes and told by others: "Thank you for your service."

But are Americans truly thankful for a veteran's service or is it just an empty phrase?

American society floats between adulation and apathy when it comes to the military. This is partly due to the disconnect between the military and the citizens of this nation.

Fewer than 1 percent of citizens in the United States have served in the armed forces since the change to an all-volunteer military.

Most Americans do not have a direct connection to military.

For the past 17 years, this nation has been engaged in conflict all over the globe, but when you look at American society, it is hard to see that fact.

The reality is that the general public is not at war. Only the military (and their families) are. They are the only ones called to carry the burden of war.

If the divide between military and the citizens of this nation continues, it can end up being a long-term danger to our democratic republic.

There is one idea on how this divide can be healed. Citizens need to take time this Veterans Day to get to know a veteran and his or her story.

Not all veterans want to talk, and that is understandable, but there are some that do. They just don't know if Americans really care to hear. Show them that you do and help carry the burden.