Letter to the Editor | Site helps voters stay informed

Letter to the Editor | Site helps voters stay informed

There's been a lot of talk of uninformed voters blindly casting ballots for candidates they know nothing about.

To all those folks complaining, let me direct you to votechampaign.org.

This website is put together by a group called Champaign County Voters Alliance, which is a nonpartisan group dedicated to educating voters on their options for down-ballot candidates.

Also, I am one of the founding members of the group.

The group was formed as a reaction to the lack of easily available candidate information in the April 2017 municipal election. Some information existed on some candidates, but it was scattered across multiple sources and wasn't particularly convenient.

Because of this, we have dedicated time and resources into creating a one-stop location for information on all candidates running in Champaign County.

We ask each candidate a basic questionnaire and then also provide links to outside debate videos and other questionnaires (including those from The News-Gazette).

So far we have covered the 2018 primary and general elections in this county. We are also going to cover the 2019 municipal election.

I would agree there are a large number of voters casting ballots on candidates they know very little about. It's a problem.

So as a solution, we do our best to try and inform them.

If you want to see an end to uninformed voters in Champaign County, we are currently looking for volunteers. Sign up at votechampaign.org/volunteer.