Letter to the Editor | Much to write on besides Davis

Letter to the Editor | Much to write on besides Davis

With the elections concluded, one would have anticipated the anti-Rodney Davis caravan of letter writers might cease. From several recent submissions, this has not transpired.

With this abundance of literary talent and many pressing problems, especially at the state level, a new focus would seem reasonable.

A number of issues come to mind. The twice-rebuffed Fair Map initiative is a start. Absolute control of state legislation of by House Speaker Mike Madigan is another.

Continuing, the 7,000-plus Illinois government units and a cause of ever-increasing property taxes. Then, there is the continued submission of unbalanced state budgets since around 2000.

Speaking of budgets, 50 percent of state revenue is consumed by public-sector pensions (another problem) and Medicaid payments. Finally, Gov.-elect J.B. Pritzker has proposed raising taxes on Illinois' most productive citizens and increasing spending, a direct conflict to a state on the brink of insolvency.

These are a few issues the literary caravan could contemplate. One can only hope, but optimism is difficult.

The recent elections consolidated and increased Democratic Party and Speaker Madigan's power in Illinois. This is a party and man in control for 30-plus years, presiding over the decline of a once leading and economically powerful state.