Letter to the Editor | Right-wing views threaten republic

Letter to the Editor | Right-wing views threaten republic

Many right-wingers always have had — and will have — deep animosity toward democracy. They would like to keep certain Americans from voting because they believe these particular Americans won't vote "the right way."

Given their deep hostility toward the overarching concept, it's not surprising they struggle with basic tenets of democracy.

For example: the elementary concept that each person gets one vote that counts as much as the vote of every other person voting. If this seems uncontroversial and very basic, it is.

Still, many local right-wing letter writers, like their national fellow travelers and President Donald Trump himself, have proved unable, or at least unwilling, to understand this simple truth.

Undergraduate and graduate students, visiting scholars, professors, researchers, their spouses and adult children as well as others who live here and have registered to vote have exactly as much right to vote as someone born here who never crosses the county line.

Multiple right-wingers have preposterously claimed that their own vote is somehow unduly canceled when someone connected to the university votes in a way the right-winger disagrees with. That's not a healthy understanding of democracy.

And this delusion isn't just asinine. Such dangerously ignorant and anti-democratic and outright fascist views prove just how threatening right-wing extremists are to the very core of American democracy.

And not a single Republican resists.