Letter to the Editor | Voting rights are well-established

Letter to the Editor | Voting rights are well-established

I'm compelled to correct some ignorance that has recently been displayed in News-Gazette letters.

Despite what any old-timers might deem appropriate, the Supreme Court guaranteed students' right to vote where they reside for school in 1979's decision, Symm v. United States. If you remember ABBA's "Super Trouper" playing on the radio, this decision is older than that memory.

College and graduate students are full members of this community. We live here the vast majority of the year, if not all year. We pay local taxes, work local jobs and patronize local businesses. We are counted in the census, which determines Champaign-Urbana's congressional representation. I'm hardly the only UI student with a mortgage or who has a Carle-born child.

Even as specific groups of students come and go, Chambana holds steady at roughly 25 percent students. Given that, there's nothing inappropriate about the Chambana vote reflecting that reality. Additionally, it's laughable to declare that we all vote the same way, or that we have the numbers to decide a local election ourselves.

To those recent letter-writers: Pitch a fit if you want. Insult the students of one of America's great universities as being "unengaged" and "low-information voters." Blame 25 percent of the electorate for your preferred party's inability to get 50 percent of the vote.

However, know that not a single one of us will ever be dissuaded from exercising our right to vote here at home as it's both legal and appropriate. Don't dare try to stop us.