Letter to the Editor | Time to drop Cal Thomas columns

Letter to the Editor | Time to drop Cal Thomas columns

Poor Cal Thomas ("Scare tactics", December 2). He is a victim of the well-funded program of disinformation about climate change that is being perpetrated by those who benefit by denying it.

He spends his time trolling through websites and books that are chock-full of disinformation, misinformation, exaggerations and outright lies, and then he passes them on to us, in the form of a supposedly well-thought-out commentary.

How many of our parents and grandparents were victims of the same kind of disinformation campaign about the dangers of cigarette smoking? And how many of them paid for it with their lives? My own parents were among them.

The tobacco industry sponsored a report called "A Frank Statement to Cigarette Smokers" (look it up, it's short), which dismissed the dangers of smoking. But the causal link between smoking and lung cancer had already been proven by scientists and medical researchers. the U.S. surgeon general's report of 1964 made the difference, with the necessary government action following within a few years.

The News-Gazette is under no obligation to publish every column from Cal Thomas. There is no excuse for passing his gullibility on to us. Our local newspaper should serve the public interest, and keep us informed; but printing this commentary serves only those who profit from the continued extraction and burning of fossil fuels, to the detriment of life as we know it on this planet. We expect better from The News-Gazette.