Letter to the Editor | Let's pray to lift Pitts' blindness

Letter to the Editor | Let's pray to lift Pitts' blindness

Columnist Leonard Pitts hypocritically uses any excuse to find fault with President Donald Trump and conservatives. He consistently writes that liberals have the moral high ground and how "morality matters."

His latest excuse for finding fault concerns thousands of Central Americans attempting to gain entry to the U.S., including those who illegally stormed the border and assaulted patrol agents.

Under former President Barack Obama, the same tactics were used to prevent illegal entry and enforce laws. But Pitts accepted them under Obama.

Perhaps Pitts and his followers could channel their energy into changing immigration laws they feel are unjust, rather than encouraging breaking existing laws.

This is what pro-life supporters are doing. We are working peacefully, lawfully to change what we know is an unjust law — legal abortion — that allows the chemical burning and dismemberment of thousands of unborn children a day.

Pitts' followers call the current administration's actions "a new low," "cruel and cowardly" and "monstrous." Yet chemical burning and dismemberment of children is not a new low, cruel and cowardly or monstrous?

Pitts argues his disagreements with President Trump are "about our national soul." But killing 3,000 children daily, unborn babies who suffer the pain of abortion, isn't relevant to our national soul?

For those who recognize the truth about abortion, let us double down in our prayers for Pitts and his followers that their spiritual blindness may be lifted, so they may finally acknowledge the truth about abortion.