Letter to the Editor | Right to vote not subject to dispute

Letter to the Editor | Right to vote not subject to dispute

There's been a lot of grumbling about students voting in local elections. More specifically, grumbling about students voting for Democrats and ruining the fun for local Republicans. OK, let's think this through.

I moved to Champaign from the Chicago area to attend the University of Illinois in 1987. I'm still here 31 years later. At what point would Mighty Local Townfolk bestow upon me my right to vote here? My fifth year in Champaign? My tenth year?

Is it even OK for me to vote today? I didn't go to middle school with any of the candidates so I don't really know them. Please enlighten me, my GOP friends.

There's this thing called the internet with which younger people are very proficient. They use it to find local restaurants, pay their rent and even research political candidates. What a concept!

Everyone knows that the Republican Party does better when fewer people vote. But, please, give me a break with this nonsense. Those who reside legally in Champaign County have a right to vote here.

What's been lost in this silly discussion is that some great candidates won. I've met most of them, and they are good, smart people who'll work hard at their new jobs. So congrats to them and kudos to those students who stood in line for two hours on Election Day to exercise their right to vote.