Letter to the Editor | Ombuds office would be useful

Letter to the Editor | Ombuds office would be useful

I second Randy Gollay's request made in the Jan. 3 issue that the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign restore the ombuds office.

Both as a UIUC student in the late 1960s and as a gay activist on campus in the late 1970s (and beyond), I saw the need for such a position.

In my direct observations of two large bureaucracies — the university and the Catholic Church — I saw how some low-to mid-level officials could sometimes make up bogus rules or procedures without authorization just to make life more difficult for ordinary people.

Having an ombud who can find out what the real rules are can be very helpful to a student in a difficult situation.

Professor Samuel Gove provided such help to me in 1967 (when there was no ombuds office) after I was unfairly dismissed as a varsity football manager. His interventions restored me to the team and enabled me to become the 1968 head manager and a varsity I winner.