Letter to the Editor | Carle should pay fair share of taxes

Letter to the Editor | Carle should pay fair share of taxes

Suppose a store doubles the price tag, then offers a 50 percent off sale. Calling the 50 percent discount charity is fiction.

Most of what Carle calls "charity" could be classified as "bad debt" or "write-offs" or "marketing."

These patients couldn't pay anyway, and law requires treating them in the emergency room.

You don't shop around for medical care, you call 911. You get the operation or die, and you pay what the hospital charges.

Americans pay twice as much for medical care and live two- to four-year shorter lives than other rich countries.

Why? One reason is that our medical system is for profit rather than for health.

Carle has power to arbitrarily raise prices it charges. Moral hazard exists, meaning the temptation to raise charges to offset the "charity."

The essence of Carle's identity is that it is a large, near monopoly business.

My business school Ph.D. adviser told me, it doesn't matter if you call it for-profit, non-profit or government — look at how much they pay themselves and who has control.

Carle can recapture any amount they claim as charitable contributions by raising prices. It's about control of pricing.

Carle should pay its fair share of taxes so that the highly paid doctors and administrators' children can live in a community with decent schools.

At best, Carle is 98.5 percent for-profit and 1.5 percent charity, and even that is doubtful.

An organization with charitable motives would be eager to pay its fair share of local taxes.