Letter to the Editor | Reverse damage done to farmers

Letter to the Editor | Reverse damage done to farmers

Illinois farmers depend on biofuel plants to purchase their crops and convert them into clean, homegrown biofuels like ethanol.

With farm income down by 46 percent over the last five years, our lawmakers should be redoubling their efforts to protect the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). A strong RFS will increase market for homegrown biofuels, contribute to the rural economy and help keep prices at the pump down.

But, over the last year, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted dozens of waivers to big oil companies that reduce the demand for biofuels and cut farmers out of the energy market.

This decreases competition at the pump and hurts hardworking farmers and their families.

If we want to revitalize rural growth, our representatives in Congress should make it a priority this year to demand the EPA reverse the damage done in 2018 and uphold strong biofuel targets, as the law requires.