Letter to the Editor | Wind farm good for community

Letter to the Editor | Wind farm good for community

As a resident of Villa Grove who has lived in Douglas County for my entire life, I know how much our community will benefit from the proposed wind farm.

The wind farm will pay about $2 million in property taxes to benefit our community every year.

This revenue will help fund local schools, roads, fire departments, the library and more.

The tax money from the wind farm will be incredible for our local schools (Villa Grove, Shiloh and Heritage), which would receive more than $1 million every year. This is funding our community desperately needs.

I've heard some concerns about what happens to the wind turbines when they reach the end of their useful life.

This should not be a concern. The state and county both have requirements that the wind farm will have to be fully deconstructed.

Building this project will take hundreds of workers. More families will be able to come or stay in the area because of permanent jobs that will be created to operate the wind farm.

I support this wind farm because I know it will help our community grow and thrive for generations to come.


Villa Grove