Letter to the Editor | Remove evolution from our schools

Letter to the Editor | Remove evolution from our schools

We need to get the fiction story of evolutionism out of the schools. Calling it science instead of a philosophy/religion is a deception used to get converts into their belief system and thus be able to make children quit knowing that there is a God who created everything.

They claim that the origin of everything must have occurred by naturalism (meaning no God), yet they have never been able to explain origins of naturalism.

No scientific statement exists showing how evolution could be possible, yet, without any evidence favoring evolution, they falsely say it's a fact.

Knowing that God created everything is not a religion but a scientific fact because no alternative is possible. Either we were created or we don't exist.

Telling our children that there is no creator and thus are no absolute morals and that nothing is a sin gives them a license to be criminals.

Since they brought in the fiction story of evolution into the schools in the 1960s, morality has plummeted and classroom disruption, shootings, theft and violence has skyrocketed.

We need to teach the thousands of proven scientific facts that prove evolution is impossible. Scientific facts show that evolution is impossible and is not a religion, and it needs to be taught to our children.

No honest person can promote the story of evolution to children without lying to them.

I've challenged evolutionists for decades to present a scientific fact favoring a belief in evolution, but the only response is name-calling and insults.