Letter to the Editor | Shutdown is hurting families

Letter to the Editor | Shutdown is hurting families

I can't begin to fathom how a billionaire who has interests in thousands of business investments worldwide, who professes to have the safety and well-being of millions of people in our country, who promised a myriad of good things for our land, can have total disregard for hundreds of thousands of his own government employees.

Since the shutdown of the government, all these employees are facing bankruptcy, loss of income to pay bills, less money to buy food and clothing, frustration, depression and total uncertainty in their lives.

Two of these happen to be my sons. Our eldest son is the port director for customs border protection at the airport in Halifax Nova Scotia. He had to work 14-hour days with no pay, had to furlough some of his assistants (one who is a divorced man with custody of his three children, one of whom is in college) and sees disruption in the daily operation of the airport at our Canadian border.

Our youngest son works for NCIS at the Quantico Marine base, and even there, things are disrupted by this plan to "build the wall at any cost."

Many citizens are suffering because our agencies are closed and can't offer help. Parks, monuments, museums are closed affecting our tourism.

What is our president thinking?

What are our representatives doing? Write them with your concerns. Hold them accountable for their actions or inactions.

Pray for a sense of reason to prevail in our glorious land.