Letter to the Editor | Bad decisions being made in C-U

Letter to the Editor | Bad decisions being made in C-U

I've lived in Urbana-Champaign nearly all of my life, except for the two years I was in the military.

Today, I drove down East Elm Street just east of Vine Street and noticed they have blacktopped the street, blacktopped a street that for some stupid reason that I can't think why.

I mean it looks really bad, and I thought to myself, what idiot would do such a thing to a street that never needed that done to it.

Urbana is going down, and I mean going down big time.

They made the Goodyear shop there on the corner of Vine and Elm move out because the city wanted that lot to do something with it, and nothing has been done since.

Just who really runs Urbana today, because it's not what it use to be at all, and they don't know what they're doing at all.

That's not all, Champaign is being taken over by these oversized apartment buildings up and down University that for some reason the city thinks is gonna improve and make us a mini-Chicago.

I don't wanna be a mini-Chicago. I thought these two towns were good enough before they started to change them, and it's not improving them whatsoever.

We don't need someone from Chicago coming down here and making things even worse than they were. We don't need these large apartments throughout the town here taking over our properties.