Letter to the Editor | Parents should be taking classes

Letter to the Editor | Parents should be taking classes

Kudos to Jim Nowlan and his article about student achievement. I love the paragraph that says it all: "I contend that what goes on outside the school building, in the home, neighborhood and community, is much more important than what goes on inside."

I'm willing to donate dollars to have this message plastered on billboards across the country. The people in the positions to make changes happen are skirting (for generations, per Jim's point) around the real issues.

As a former school employee, I have said for two decades we need parenting classes!

That's because we are paying kids to have kids. Period.

Those in the position to change the fact of babies being born for monetary reasons — not for family reasons — need to take the plunge and take action.

This affects our education, crime and just overall mentality of each generation of our (fading) workforce.

If they're growing up in households of non-working parent(s), we are not teaching them to get an education, work, get married and raise a family (cycle for sustaining our society).

Leaders keep coming up with program after program to fix the problems, which usually penalize citizens who are already following life's rules.

Welfare reform would be the starting point of change in the best country (definition of welfare: the health, happiness and fortunes of a person). Wow, that sounds too good to be true.

Maybe the good ol' USA leaders should take notes from China (last paragraph in Jim's article).

Hopefully positive changes can start to happen in our lifetime.