Letter to the Editor | Make an effort to reunite families

Letter to the Editor | Make an effort to reunite families

Wait just an ever-loving minute. This is America. We are Americans. Why are we standing for the Trump administration's contention that it is too difficult and time-consuming to reunite the thousands of immigrant families it separated at the border?

The administration made precisely that claim as part of a declaration filed in a lawsuit between the American Civil Liberties Union and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It was bad enough that we separated these families in the first place, but it boggles the mind that our government failed to properly track the family members. It is equally inconceivable we are now walking away from our responsibility to reunite separated children with their parents.

I am just as guilty as anyone of turning my face from the never-ending train wreck that is the Trump presidency. I get it — we are tired. But these are children. This is not lost luggage. Senators Durbin and Duckworth are already calling for all hands on deck to address this national emergency, but Congressman Davis contends this is a non-issue.

In true Rubberstamp Rodney fashion, Davis continues to support the Trump administration's actions, no matter how ill-advised, inhumane or abhorrent they may be. I urge you to call Congressman Davis today and demand that separated families be reunited.

After hanging onto his seat by his fingernails, maybe he will finally start listening to his constituents.